Play Me Again

You've got me going, for all your lies
You've got me going, the hoop is wide
I keep believing, and what have I gained?
I'll play you forever
So play me again

You've got me running all over town
You've got me running, so deep am I bound
To talk of love is only to flatter
Play me again
Please play me again
In the night time's wandering, that's where I hide
For in its blush I am alive
Searching for your light
Searching for yoy light

In the beginning, the word is hot
Now, I see the ruin, but i can't stop
For I'm so sentimental
Play me again
Play me again
Play me again

Play me again, let me fall through your hands
Tanita Tiakaram
Piano & Vocal
Mark Creswell
Electric Guitar
Matt Redford
Robert Trehern
Daniela Ronconi
Daniele Rossoli
French Horn
Carlo Bombardi
Giusepe Zanca
Raoul Ruffilli
Giorgio Babbini
Bass Clarinet